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PHARE: MR16 Surface Mounted SS 316 Anti Glare Bollard Light IP54

PHARE: MR16 Surface Mounted SS 316 Anti Glare Bollard Light IP54

  • Input voltage range: 12-24V
  • Material: 316 stainless steel
  • Lamp holder: MR16 (Max.20W)
  • Globe not included
  • External control gear required
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Warranty: 2 year replacement warranty
*Must be installed by a licenced electrician (Installation instructions sheet provided in each product box).
*These bollards are designed for mounting on a solid surface such as a concrete path or sturdy timber decking. To maintain the IP rating please use circular cable in junction. For parallel and single connection we recommend using an appropriate IP68 connector 
*Unless protected, not recommended for environments with harsh weather conditions or heavy rainfall. IP65 fittings recommended for such environments. To avoid disappointment and warranty problems, please ensure the IP rating of the chosen product is relevant for the intended use.
Part No: PHARE05M

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Part No: PHARE05M
Description: BOLLARD MR16 RND SS316 IP54 H435mm Low Glare
Colour: Housing: Stainless Steel; Mount: Stainless Steel;
Material: Diffuser: Acrylic; Housing: Stainless Steel 316; Mount: Stainless Steel 316;
Input Voltage: 12-24V DC
Lamp Holder: 1xGU5.3 (Max.20W)
Globe Included: No
Wattage: -
Kelvin: -
Lumens: -
Beam Angle: -
Power Factor: -
CRI: -
Diameter / Width: 60mm
Height: 435mm
Cut out: -
Canopy: -
Suspension: -
Box Size: 47x10x10cm
Box Weight: 2kg
Carton Qty: