About CLA Lighting

A 100% Australian owned company, established in 1999, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, we are a leading provider of innovative, high-quality energy saving lamps, trendy lighting fixtures and related products to all commercial, industrial, residential and utility markets. Since its inception, CLA has continuously evolved to keep abreast of the current technology, especially in LED lighting, so that we can offer the Australian market the latest in national and international lighting trends. CLA, offers benchmark technology in our diverse range of lighting products including our recent foray into indoor and outdoor decorative lighting, making us a one-stop supplier for all your lighting needs.  These products whose benefits include:

  • Longer lamp life
  • Increased light quality
  • Energy and maintenance cost savings
  • Improved lumen maintenance
  • Excellent Colour Rendering

All our products are manufactured to comply with all Australian standards and we are a proud member of the Australian Lighting Council. With warehouses strategically located across Australia, we ensure same day delivery to most metropolitan centres and next day delivery to regional areas. We use our strength as a lighting leader to provide you with superior customer service, innovative lighting solutions, quality and performance.


Why buy from a 100% Australian owned company

  • you support local jobs
  • You conserve tax dollars
  • You benefit from local expertise and service


How you can make a difference

If every Australian changed their spending habits – only slightly – and spent just $50 a week on wholly owned Australian companies instead of wholly owned foreign companies then we can reduce the crippling debt Australia owes by $50 billion a year.


10 reasons why you should buy from CLA Lighting

  1. 100% Australian owned
  2. Over 25 years experience in the lighting and electrical industry, the CLA brand Is established, qualified, reputable and trusted
  3. Customer focus, the reason behind our existence
  4. Quality products at competitive prices
  5. Quick and easily installed products developed by contractors.
  6. Innovative products designed unique to the Australian market with long warranty periods
  7. www.clalighting.com.au has a full library of information from high resolution quality images to product specifications and IES photometric files
  8. We are members of the lighting council of Australia
  9. Tried and tested we continue to carry out in house and external certification tests
  10. Customers for life, long term customer relationships that continue to bond us strongly with the Australian market