CLA Description Abbreviations Index

Abbreviation Explanation Abbreviation Explanation
A/C Alternating Current Med Medium
ANOD Anodised Aluminium P/C Polycarbonate
BC Bayonette Cap Globe Base Type (B22) PA Polyamide
BLK Black PL External Ballast required/1U
CAN Globe shape - candle PLC External Ballast required/2U
CFL Compact Fluorescent (inbuilt ballast) RECD Recessed
CIRC Circular RECT Rectangular
CLR Clear REFL Reflector
COB Chip on board RGB Red/Green/Blue (multi)
COM Commercial Use RND Round
CONN Connectable S/ADJ Single Adjustable
COP Copper S/C Satin Chrome
D Degree (Beam angle of light distribution) S/M Surface Mounted
D/ADJ Double Adjustable S/N Satin Nickel
D/L Recessed downlight fitting SBC Small Bayonette Cap (B15)
DC Direct Current SES Small Edison Screw (E14)
Dimm Dimmable with recommended control gear Sil Silver
DOM Domestic use SMD Surface Mounted Diode
ES Edison Screw Globe Base type (E27) SML Small
F&P Flex & plug SQ Square
FL Fluorescent (External Ballast required) SS304 Stainless steel 304 Grade
F/RND Globe shape - Fancy round SS316 Stainless steel 316 Grade
FR Frosted T/F Transformer (electronic)
HAL Halogen Triphos Triphosphorous
H/Hood Heat Hood WH White
LB Long Body
LED Dedicated light Emitting Diode
LGE Large
M/Amp Milliamp
M/Bracket(s) Mounting bracket(s)